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Artist's Statement

In 1999, I moved from the Midwest to San Francisco. This relocation ended 29 years of rural living among cornfields, dirt roads, and vast open spaces; it also marked my transition into the prevalent artistic landscape at the heart of San Francisco. Because of it's Metropolitan roots-marked by high-rise buildings, traffic, and high volumes of people-I have surrounded myself by a community of visionaries and fellow artists who have been instrumental in making my movement between such contrasting landscapes both manageable and inspiring. I believe that this shift has also left me with a greater sensitivity toward the buildup of civilization and its relationship to the natural world.

My current artistic objective is an exploration of the effects of time on the constructed world. This interest developed into two facets of representation: the first addressing the issue of disintegration as it applies to man's creations, the second as an exploration of the reaction to this breakdown. The effects I reference are those that involve the deterioration of physical existence through time and its chief operative, nature. Within this exploration all systems wind down toward disorder, toward some form of entropy. The imagery presented is inspired by my own personal narrative and life experiences, elements that I draw upon frequently since it is my belief that there is universality in human emotion that often transcends the artwork itself.

Although these concepts are broad in vision, they narrow into my specific goal of elucidating the inevitable breakdown and reduction of constructed objects against their natural setting. My work spans the nuances of coastal weathering by the ocean, to the pile of paperwork on top of a desk, looming thanks to a week's worth of vacation. Ultimately, my art reflects a continuing breakdown of the environment thanks to the persistence of time and man's urgency to work against that environmental backdrop, often at his own expense.

~ Michael Hornyak